The Elements for the Claim of Unjust Enrichment in Nevada


In Nevada, the elements for a claim unjust enrichment or quantum meruit are:

  1. A benefit has been conferred upon the defendant;
  2. Defendant appreciated the benefit;
  3. Defendant accepted and retained the benefit under circumstances where it would be inequitable for Defendant to retain the benefit without the payment of value for the same; and
  4. Absence of an express, written contract.

Robinson v. Coury, 115 Nev. 84, 976 P.2d 518 (1999); Leasepartners Corp. v. Robert L. Brook Trust, 13 Nev. 747, 942 P.2d 182, 187 (1997); Asphalt Prod. Corp. v. All Star Ready Mix, Inc., 111 Nev. 799, 898 P.2d 699 (1995); Topaz Mut. Co., Inc. v. Marsh, 108 Nev. 845 (1992); Nevada Indus. Dev. v. Benedetti, 103 Nev. 360, 363 n. 2, 741 P.2d 802, 804 n. 2 (1987); Union America Mortg. & Equity Trust v. McDonald, 97 Nev. 210 (1981).

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