Lost Profits Remedy

In Nevada, to be eligible for the remedy of lost profits, one must prove:

  1. Evidence of lost profits must not be speculative; and
  2. Evidence must show with reasonable certainty both the occurrence and extent of lost profits.

Dobbs Law of Remedies at § 12.62(2); El Ranco, Inc. v. First Nat’l Bank, 406 F.2d 1205 (9th Cir. 1968) (The existence and extent of lost profits is one of evidentiary weight instead of admissibility); Bader v. Cerri, 96 Nev. 352, 609 P.2d 314 (1980); Eaton v, J. H., Inc., 94 Nev. 446, 450, 581 P.2d 14, 17 (1978).  Houston Exploration Inc. v. Meredith, 728 P.2d 437 (1986) (expert testimony regarding the lost profits of a new venture must be allowed to go to the jury, which will determine the weight to be assigned such testimony); Hughes v. Hobson, 92 Nev. 683, 558 P.2d 543 (1976) (damages based on the prospective profits of a new business venture are too uncertain and speculative to form a basis for recovery).



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