Nevada Jury Instructions: Concluding Instruction; General Verdict With Special Findings


When you retire to consider your verdict, you must select one of your number to act as foreman, who will preside over your deliberation and will be your spokesman here in court.

During your deliberation, you will have all the exhibits which were admitted into evidence, these written instructions and forms of verdict which have been prepared for your convenience.

The percentage of negligence attributable to the plaintiff, if any, shall reduce the amount of his recovery by the proportionate amount of his negligence. If you determine that the plaintiff is entitled to recover, you shall return a general verdict indicating the total amount of damages the plaintiff would be entitled to recover without regard to his contributory negligence, if any; a special verdict indicating the percentage of negligence attributable to each party; and a general verdict indicating the net sum determined to be recoverable by the plaintiff.

In civil actions, three-fourths of the total number of jurors may find and return a verdict. This is a civil action. As soon as six or more of you have agreed upon the general verdicts and six or more of you have agreed upon a special verdict, you must have the verdicts signed and dated by your foreman, and then return with them to this room.

NEV. J.I. 11.07



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