NRS 38.238  Remedies; fees and expenses of arbitration proceeding.


NRS 38.238  Remedies; fees and expenses of arbitration proceeding.

      1.  An arbitrator may award reasonable attorney’s fees and other reasonable expenses of arbitration if such an award is authorized by law in a civil action involving the same claim or by the agreement of the parties to the arbitral proceeding.

      2.  As to all remedies other than those authorized by subsection 1, an arbitrator may order such remedies as the arbitrator considers just and appropriate under the circumstances of the arbitral proceeding. The fact that such a remedy could not or would not be granted by the court is not a ground for refusing to confirm an award under NRS 38.239 or for vacating an award under NRS 38.241.

      3.  An arbitrator’s expenses and fees, together with other expenses, must be paid as provided in the award.

      (Added to NRS by 2001, 1281)



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