8th Judicial District Court’s Administrative Order 19-03 Brings EDCR Into Alignment With the Amended NRCP

Eighth Judicial District Court Rules are amended to comply with 2019 Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

Chief Judge Linda Marie Bell issued Administrative Order 19-03 on behalf of the Eighth Judicial District Court on March 12, 2019.   It suspends many Eighth Judicial District Court Rules which are in conflict with the amended NRCP.  The purpose of the order is stated:

[f]or the benefit of the bar and to ease confusion until the EJDC amends its local rules to conform to the amended NRCP, NRAP, and NEFCR, the EJDC finds it necessary to suspend or modify certain District Court Rules.  Additionally, to the extent any other rule of the Eighth Judicial District Court conflicts with the revised NRCP, NRAP, and NEFCR, the NRCP, NRAP, and NEFCR control.  

The Order alters the rules as follows until the EDCR can be amended (the stricken language below is suspended by the Order):

Rule 1.14.Time; judicial days; service by mail.

Rule 1.90.Caseflow management.

(a) Delay reduction standards.

(2) Time limits for district judge. Except in complex litigation as defined in NRCP 16.1(f), the discovery commissioner shall ensure that pretrial discovery is completed within 18 months from the filing of the joint case conference report. Discovery in complex litigation shall be completed within 24 months from the filing of the joint case conference report.

(b) Civil caseflow management.

Rule 2.20.Motions; contents; responses and replies; calendaring a fully briefed matter.

“Motions requiring a hearing must include the designation “Hearing Requested” in the caption on the first page of the motion as follows:

Case No.

Dept. No


Rule 2.34.Discovery disputes; conferences; motions; stays.

Rule 2.35.Extension of discovery deadlines.

(a) Stipulations or motions to extend any date set by the discovery scheduling order must be in writing and supported by a showing of good cause for the extension and be received by the district judge within 20 days before the discovery cut-off date or any extension thereof. A request made beyond the period specified above shall not be granted unless the moving party, attorney or other person demonstrates that the failure to act was the result of excusable neglect.

‘[T]he district judge will handle stipulations and motions to extend discovery deadlines.”  Admin. Order 19-03

Rule 5.602.Discovery disputes, conferences, motions, stays.

The following rules are suspended in their entirety:




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