Initial List of Officers and Directors

Business Entities: Initial List of Officers and Directors and State Business License.
Business Entities: Initial List of Officers and Directors and State Business License.

One of the requirements to start a new corporation in Nevada is to complete and file an Annual List of Officers, Directors, and Resident Agent with the Secretary of State’s office “on or before the last day of the first month after filing the articles of incorporation.”  NRS 78.150.

The form must include: (a) The name of the corporation; (b) The file number of the corporation, if known; (c) The names and titles of the president, secretary and treasurer, or the equivalent thereof, and of all the directors of the corporation; (d) The address, either residence or business, of each officer and director listed, following the name of the officer or director; and (e) The signature of an officer of the corporation, or some other person specifically authorized by the corporation to sign the list, certifying that the list is true, complete and accurate.  NRS 78.150.  The state business license fee for a corporation is $500, with a $100 late penalty fee. NRS 76.100.



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